Pier Fishing & Crabbing Locations near and around Vancouver

No boat? No problem! For us bank anglers, piers offer a great opportunity to do some bottom fishing and crabbing at the same time. Common bottom fish that I like to target from piers are Flounder, Dogfish, Sculpin and Perch. Here are some great pier locations here in British Columbia. 

Please note, that all these pier fishing locations require a BC Tidal Fishing License.

How to Setup Bottom Fishing Rigs

The best way to fish from a pier is using a bottom fishing rig. For some new ideas on how to set up these up check out my Bottom Fishing Rigs tip page. It outlines 4 different bottom setups with easy to follow diagrams.

Pier Fishing for Dogfish Sharks

I love fishing for Dogfish sharks off the pier. These guys look like they’re from another planet with their massive eyes. This is a fun fishery for all ages as long as you respect their teeth and spines. Check out my shark journal page, it outlines the bait, setup and also a YouTube video how I catch these sharks.

Multiple Species Fishing off Pier and Crabbing

Off the pier you’ll often be able to get into a variety of species. In this fishing journal I show my fishing rig setup that I use to catch flounder and sculpin. Additionally, I cover throwing crab traps and Crab sex identification. 

Real-Time Tide Levels 

Knowing the tide levels is incredibly helpful when you’re fishing from the piers. Here are the real-time tide levels from the Government of Canada website. Once on that page, click the location closest to your pier or fishing location and it’ll give you the current and upcoming tide levels.

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