I’m assuming you’re on this page to either learn about fishing rods or perhaps review some rod recommendations. I’m looking to achieve both of these with the fishing rod articles here. The fishing rod education sections of these articles outlines the basics (rod styles, actions, power ratings, lengths, etc) to more advanced tips like rod pairings for specific species and scenarios. And on the bottom section of these articles I’ve included reviews of my favorite rods for various fishing applications.

Anyway, I’m continually adding fishing rod articles to this section of BC Fishing Journal. If you have a fishing rod topic or question that you’d like to see addressed here, please reach out to me on my contact page. Tight Lines! Jesse

Akataka Telescopic Spinning Rod Review

Akataka Telescopic Spinning Rod ReviewTelescopic rods are getting more popular each year in the fishing community. In recent years I've noticed a number of new rod manufacturers launching their first telescopic rod models. This increase in competition has created some...

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Tackle Guide: Best Casting Rods for the Money

Tackle Guide: Best Casting Rods for 2018 There is a handful of information on fishing rods in this guide from rod types, ratings, lengths, etc. If you're not interested in any of that and simply want to what to see our highest rated rods skip down to the rod reviews...

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Tackle Guide: Best Spinning Rod for 2019

Tackle Guide: Best Spinning Rods for 2019 First off, there is a bunch of information on fishing rods in this article from beginner to advanced. If you're looking for the best spinning rod recommendations skip the initial educational sections and jump down to the best...

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Best Ice Fishing Rods and Tip Ups

  Best Ice Fishing Rods and Tip Ups There are so many types of ice fishing rods and ice trap mechanisms out there, it can sometimes be a overwhelming to on where to start. Well that's what this article is all about as I'm looking to clear up some of the confusion...

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Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod - Portable Fishing Rods Telescopic fishing rods are up and coming in the fishing world. For the obvious reason of their collapsible size! These beauties can fit into a backpack, kayak storage compartment, carry-on luggage, you get the idea....

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My name is Jesse, I’ve been obsessed about fishing since I was a toddler trying to catch fish with my minnow net in any type of water. These articles are another fishing outlet for me as I have a passion to promote fishing in an educational, fun and respectful format. Feel free to reach out to me with any fishing questions or business inquires, see contact page.


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