Gear! Gear! Gear! I’m a fishing and outdoor gear junky! This page contains a number of tackle guides and other information on a variety of fishing and outdoor activities. I hope these are helpful, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or simply want to talk gear! I’ll be adding more guides soon so keep checking back. Tight Lines! Jesse

Best Fishing Gloves Guide and Reviews

A Guide To The Best Fishing Gloves Have you found that wearing gloves while fishing have been a hindrance? If you've had incompatible gloves while fishing I think you might agree it can be frustrating. I totally get this as I've had miserable days trying to keep my...

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Best Fishing Coolers and Bags

  Best Fishing Coolers and Bags I think you'll agree there are a ton of differences between coolers and ice bags. Whether for fishing, camping, marine or any other outdoor activity there seems to be a different cooler. It does not have to be that complicated as...

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Best Tackle Box and Bag for Fishing & Storage

  Best Tackle Box and Bag for Fishing Do you know what kind of tackle box or bag you should be using? Hard, soft, rolling bag, there are a number of options to manage protect and manage your tackle. This article outlines the pros/cons of the various types of...

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Best Fishing Waders for the Money

  4 Best Fishing Waders for the Money in 2019   Having quality waders that continually perform is so important as there is nothing worse than having to deal leaky waders all day (especially during those rainy or freezing days). This article...

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3 Best Ice Fishing Shelters for the money

3 Best Ice Fishing Shelters and Gear GuideIce fishing is growing in its popularity and alongside that is the tackle and gear that goes along with it. A good ice shelter will protect you from the wind, snow/rain and the sun (including reflecting light) and as ice...

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Best Fishing Sunglasses for 2019: Gear Guide

Best Fishing Sunglasses for 2019: Gear Guide When fishing on brighter days and scanning sections of water quality sunglasses are a must. In particular, polarized lens are the most important as they provide incredible glare protection (reflected light) so that...

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Best Fishing Backpack – Tackle Storage

  Best Fishing Backpacks for 2019 - Gear Storage Gone are the days of large bulky backpacks with one large unorganized compartment packed full of various fishing gear. Fishing backpacks are an incredible improvement on the standard backpack in that they create an...

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Tackle Guide: Best Fishing Pliers

  Best Fishing Pliers - Tackle Guide You may have heard that pliers are one of the most important tools for a fisherman. I completely agree as I’m constantly using my pliers when fishing. However, not all fishing pliers are created equal. Different water types...

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Best Ice Auger

Best Ice Auger - Tackle Guide There are a few different types of Ice Augers: Gas, Propane, Electric & Hand powered. Each of these have their Pros & Cons and that's what this tackle guide is all about! Additionally, we outline what type of auger would be best...

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Best Fillet Knife – Gear Guide

  What is the Best Fillet Knife - Gear Guide Have you ever been frustrated with your knife when filleting your fish? Perhaps your fillets turned out like something Freddy Krueger chopped up, or you’re looking for an easier and faster knife to use... I totally get...

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My name is Jesse, I’ve been obsessed about fishing since I was a toddler trying to catch fish with my minnow net in any type of water. These articles are another fishing outlet for me as I have a passion to promote fishing in an educational, fun and respectful format. Feel free to reach out to me with any fishing questions or business inquires, see contact page.


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