Jig Colors vs. Light Conditions

This tip is for choosing a jig color based on the time of day & light conditions you’re fishing in. Of course, these may be impacted based on the species you’re going after, but may be useful in getting you thinking about jig colors vs. light conditions. These color recommendations could be applied to any lure type, not restricted to Jigs.


Light Conditions


Jig Colors

Low Light Conditions (early morning, late evening or dense cloud)


Chartreuse or Glow Colors (florescent’s)

High Light Conditions (high sun, and little cloud)


Black, Pink, Red (softer colors)

As the day progresses


Pinks, White & Orange

Additional Jig Tips

My favorite jig colors (or combinations) are: Pink, Purple, Orange, Peach, White/Black & Chartreuse.

Tip your jig with a piece of prawn/shrimp. A great addition to a jig is a small piece of prawn or shrimp (ensure there is not a bait ban).

Add plastic worm as a trailer on the jig. Plastic worm/piece size needs to ensure there is a large bite space on hook.

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