Record your Fishing Trip Data

A Fishing Journal Template

I figured with a site title “BC Fishing Journal” there should be some sort of journal document available. 

Whether you track fishing trip data on a fishing app, computer or paper format I believe keeping this data will make you a better fisherman. I’ve found a lot of value in keeping a fishing journal of my fishing trips, over time seeing patterns amongst run times, lures, fish behavior and water conditions.

If you’ve never documented these trip details check out the linked PDF document which provides some starter data points you can keep track of. Print this off or use it as a template to create your own. This is not an exhaustive list of trip details as I’m sure many of the fly guys would document the hatch and many other fields I’m leaving out. Regardless, keep a log of your trips for a year and look back over them to see how much you’ve learned and prepared yourself for the next year of fishing! Good luck.


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