Journals detail our Fishing Adventures

Here you’ll find my most recent fishing trips information that includes: Video (if available), Photos (species caught, lures, landscape, etc), Trip summary, Tackle, Strategies and weather/water conditions. I’ll also detail how I prepared for the trip, read the water, chose my tackle, and pretty much every other detail I can think of in order to be successful. Lastly, I’ve included fishing conferences/events, fishing industry thoughts, and any other random fishing related topics.

Capilano River Winter Steelhead

Fishing late March for Winter Steelhead The Winter Steelhead run begins January and April. By mid to late March most (if not all) of the Winter Steelhead will be in the system. Typically, around this same time if you catch or see any of these fish, you'll notice many...

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Bead Fishing for Winter Steelhead in Low Clear Water

Low and Clear Presentations Required I got out winter Steelhead fishing with 2 other buddies this past weekend. Today the weather was around 2 degrees Celsius with a chilly breeze it felt below zero. These are not my favorite fishing conditions but with two toddlers a...

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Attended the 2018 BC Sportsmen’s Show

Father & Son Tradition I attended the BC Fishermen's Show this past weekend with my oldest son Asher. It's becoming a bit of a tradition for us as it was our 3rd annual trip (actually 3 times in past 4 years, see past journal here). Even with the crowds I...

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Vedder River Winter Steelhead Kickoff 2018!

  Vedder River Winter Steelhead Kickoff 2018! This trip was special for me for a number of reasons. Two most prominently: 1) It was my first time out fishing in 3 months! It was an intentional step back for family time as I have 2 young boys (3 yrs & 10 mths old). 3...

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The making of “The Zombie Chum Awakening part 2”

Day of Chum Fishing & Videoing The footage for The Zombie Chum Awakening 2 was captured on two different days: October 6 & 13. Ninety percent of the footage is from October 13, which was fitting as that was Friday the 13th. This day was particularly special as I got...

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Vedder River Salmon Fishing in late September

Trip Summary It's late September and the weather continues to feel like the middle of Summer! Here in the Vancouver lower mainland and Fraser Valley area we've had a string of hot days. Although it's prolonged our summer it has kept our rivers very low and clear. This...

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Vedder River Coho & Pink Salmon

Trip Summary It's mid September 2017 and that means Salmon fishing is starting to pick up in the Fraser Valley Area of British Columbia. I went out to the lower Vedder River in Chilliwack for the morning to look for any type of Salmon. The river has been very low with...

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Pink Salmon Squamish River and Tributaries

Squamish River Pink Salmon Timetable The Squamish area is one of my favorite places to fish, surrounded by mountains, tidal river and beautiful green colored tributaries it really is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. Each odd year thousands of Pink Salmon make their...

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Pink Salmon Beach Fishing at Furry Creek

Howe Sound Pink Salmon Every odd year during the middle of summer the Howe Sound (Northwest of Vancouver up to Squamish) sees thousands of Pink Salmon returning to spawn. These Salmon are returning to the Squamish River along with smaller connecting systems like the...

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Teaching Kids How to Fish

It’s the end of March 2017 and we had a very cold winter so Rice Lake in North Vancouver has only turned over (ice cleared) 2 weeks ago. Additionally, it looks like Go Fishing BC hasn’t yet stocked Rice Lake (or haven’t posted it). Typically, Rice Lake is stocked in the second or third week of March each year, but I’m assuming the late ice has pushed back their schedule. That said, I was unsure on how the fishing would be…

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1st Winter Chilliwack River Trip (2016/2017 season)

The Winter Steelhead season has arrived, between now and April Steelhead will be moving into the rivers in the Fraser Valley. This trip was my first outing on the Chilliwack River in late December, 2016. My buddies Neal and Zach came on this trip. We put on a lot of river mileage but came up empty with the Steelhead. All in all, it was a great day with my good buddies.

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My name is Jesse, I’ve been obsessed about fishing since I was a toddler trying to catch fish with my minnow net in any type of water. These journals are another fishing outlet for me as I have a passion to promote fishing in an educational, fun and respectful format. Feel free to reach out to me with any fishing questions or business inquires, see contact page.


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