Squamish River & Tributaries Fishing Locations

Squamish River and its Tributaries house some of the most beautiful scenery in British Columbia. There are excellent hiking, camping and of course fishing opportunities in this area. As for the fishing, there are miles and miles of rivers available so you can get away from the crowds to find your own water. This tip guide outlines some sections to get you started in exploring and fishing the Squamish area.

The Google Map below outlines a number of spots to explore in the Squamish area. These spots can often change do to freshet, so be aware of that.

Always check your fishing regulations as some of these areas noted are not open for fishing. Additionally, there is a lot of Native reserve land around Squamish and tributary rivers so ensure you’re not trespassing.

Squamish River Campground

Fishing around Squamish River campground (right at Ashlu Rd / bridge).

Anderson Beach

Upper Squamish area is Anderson Beach that has a lot of room for fishing.

Chance Creek Bridge

The marker is at the Chance Creek Bridge. Look for fishing access both above and below.

Cheakamus Canyon

Drive to the Cheakamus Canyon Trailhead and walk and wade from there.

Upper Cheakamus Runs

There are a number of runs to walk around in the upper river sections.

Cheakamus Centre

There is a big kids camp called Cheakamus Centre that has an excellent run beside it. The run has a number of boulders on one side to protect the bank. There is a big parking lot across the street from the Centre (west side of Paradise Valley Rd), from there walk 5 mins up the road to the top of the Chakamus Centre land, there is a field you can cross that connects to the river.

Railroad Creek

This little creek just off Cheakamus River accessed by Railroad (park at 2nd bridge), it gets stacked with Coho. This little creek may be connected to Little Foot Hatchery. 

Paradise Valley Campground Run

Down river (just before) the Paradise Valley Campground there is a bridge that crosses the Cheakamus River. There are stretches of this river that cannot be fished at specific times of the year, please ensure you read the follow the fishing regulations.

The Tracks

Above the Cheakamus bridge and the conjunction of the Cheekye and Cheakamus rivers there are railroad tracks that run parallel to the Cheakamus river (tracks are on east side). You can walk along these tracks to access a number of good sections of water and runs.

The Tracks (lower section)

This run is just above Fergies (and just upriver from the power lines that cross the river). Should be able to access via the tracks or path along side. This is just below the “Tracks” run. This run is great for Salmon in Fall months & Bull Trout in the November.

Fergies Upper Pool

This big pool is just above Fergies and near the Powerlines. 

Fishing Boundary - Powerline at 9 mile

The powerline at 9 mile on the Squamish river is not a fishing location per say but is often used as a fishing boundary marker by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. This boundary is often focused on specific species during sensitive spawning times throughout the year. I’ve often read/heard of confusion on this exact location so have included it on this map.

Mouth of the Cheakamus River

This is the upper Cheakamus river mouth into the Squamish River. This is a great spot for fly fishing as it provides a lot of back casting space. It’s a bit of walk to this location but it’s worth it.

Mouth of the Cheakamus River 2

This section of water often changes with freshet, it is the lower of the 2 Cheakamus river mouths into the Squamish River. At the mouth and immediately below holds some excellent fishing runs.

Fishermans Park

This is a popular fishing location on the Squamish river and rightfully so as it holds a long run that holds a lot of fish before they move up river. Additionally in this area, from November to January you’ll have an excellent opportunity to view hundreds (sometimes) thousands of Eagles! The eagle viewing peak is typically mid-December to mid-January. For more information on Eagle viewing click here.

Mamquam canyon below BC Hydro Dam

Canyon below below the BC Hydro Dam. Marker is placed at the Watersprite Lake Trailhead.

Mamquam Campground Area

Above the Mamquam Campground and across from the Golf course area. The marker is located on a little parking lot on south side of the river.

CN Railway Bridge over Mamquam River

This is the train bridge over the Mamquam that’s a few hundred yards above the Squamish River confluence. This bridge is the fishing boundary for the Mamquam river.

Mamquam Confluence

The confluence between the Squamish River and Mamquam River.

The Spit

This is a great sand bar in the lower section of the Squamish River. There is a small dirt parking lot off the side of the road.

Ashlu Creek Generating Plant area

Down river from the Ashlu Creek Generating plant there is a bridge crossing (next to marker). Look to fish this area above and below.

Fishing Trip Journals in the Squamish Area

Pink & Chinook Salmon in Squamish River

Here is a video where I’m fishing spoons and spinners for Pink Salmon and get a surprising Chinook Salmon as well.

It’s an odd year and it’s Pink Salmon season! This trip was at the tail end of the Pink season as most come through in August and start to trail off by September. For the full trip details see journal here.

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