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Understanding and choosing the right fishing line is extremely important when it comes to tackle preparation. The articles in this section are designed to give you a strong foundation in fishing lines, looking at questions like, what lines for what reels, what line strength should you have, what lines for certain species, and a whole lot more. Additionally, toward the bottom of each of these articles I’ve included some reviews of my top line recommendations for a variety of line styles and different scenarios.

Anyway, I’m continually looking to add new articles so if there is a topic or question that you’d like to see on this page please reach out to me on my contact page. Thanks and Tight Lines! Jesse

Best Fluorocarbon Line For All Fish Species

  Best Fluorocarbon Line For All Fish Species Fluorocarbon line is a game changer in the fishing industry. An near invisible and low stretch line that has a number of benefits for any type of fishing application or species. Whether using as a mainline or leader...

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Best Mono Fishing Lines and Specifications

  Best Mono Fishing Line Qualities and Recommendations If you’ve searched around at the monofilament options today, I think you’ll agree they are endless. It seems there’s a line for every specific fishing niche; each fish species, in a specific water type, in...

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Best Ice Fishing Line and Tips

  Best Ice Fishing Line and Tips Ice fishing offers unique tackle challenges with its cold temperatures, vertical fishing style and clear water visibility. Finding the best ice fishing line that meets these challenges is not always easy.   You might be asking,...

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Best Braided Fishing Line

In this article I’ve outlined the Pros/Cons of braid, when to use braid vs. mono/fluorocarbon, how to connect braid with other types of lines and other general braid tips. Additionally, I’ve included my recommended braided lines and reviews. I hope this guide is helpful in providing any/all things related to braided fishing line!

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My name is Jesse, I’ve been obsessed about fishing since I was a toddler trying to catch fish with my minnow net in any type of water. These articles are another fishing outlet for me as I have a passion to promote fishing in an educational, fun and respectful format. Feel free to reach out to me with any fishing questions or business inquires, see contact page.


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