My immediate family went on a weekend trip to Sechelt area on the Sunshine Coast. This was my first time on the Sunshine coast and found the area very relaxing and beautiful. On the Saturday morning, I ventured out to the beach to do a little Pink Salmon fishing and didn’t have any luck with Salmon but I did catch an aggressive (and large) Starry Flounder. Later that same evening, I was casting from the beach (directly below our rental vacation home) and caught this beautiful Red Rock Fish.

Using a 10 foot Cabelas brand Salmon spinning rod, suited with a 2500 Shimano Sahara reel. There was 30 lb PowerPro braid with a 3 foot mono leader (12 lb). Both fish species (Flounder & Red Rockfish) were caught with a 2.5 inch Pink Buzz Bomb.

Water Conditions: The morning session, I fished the low tide which was timed with 1 hour after first light. The 2nd session the tide was coming in (about 2 hours before high tide), and sun was just above the horizon (so lower light conditions).

Weather: We had beautiful weather conditions that weekend. I don’t have exact temperatures, but was able to fish at last light in my shorts.

Fishing Location

Residential Beach

This is the vacation rental home location.

Mission Point Park Beach

Was targeting Salmon off the beach here, but got into a Starry Flounder instead.

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