Kayak Gear and AQ Outdoor Ambassador with Discount Codes

This year I’m trying something completely different as I’ve become a Outdoor Ambassador for AQ Outdoors. AQ Outdoors is a Western Canadian company that supports and has a deep passion for paddle sports and the outdoor community. Before joining with AQ Outdoors, I’ve been a repeat customer of theirs online, so when I saw their Ambassador program, it quickly resonated with me. 

Anyway, I wanted to write this article to give an update on this update for me and some of my favorite kayak gear and brands they sell. Also, they’ve generously given me some discount codes to share as well so check those out below.

Brands & Activities they focus on

My favorite fishing kayak is the Old Town Salty 120 PDL. They sell this kayak along with all the biggest brands I have on my kayak, think of names like: Old Town, NRS, Wilderness Systems, Kokatat, YakAttack, Scotty and a bunch more. They also cover all sorts of water fishing crafts like SUPs, Canoes & Rafts. And similar to kayaks they have a ton of accessories.

I am pumped to be part of this Ambassadors group and represent the fishing community here in BC. Respect AQ Outdoors!

Check out the AQ Outdoors Fishing page.

AQ Outdoors Discount Codes

If you do plan on buying something, save yourself some money by using the discounts codes:

10% discount code: JESSE10   (products under $1500)

5% discount code: JESSE5   (products over $1500)

Below are a few examples of how to use the discount codes. Please reach out to me if you have any issues getting the discount applied. You can contact me via my Contact page. 

AQ Outdoors Discount Code 10%
AQ Outdoors Discount Code 5%

Multi-Usage PFD is my Important piece of Gear

Kayak safety gear is essential for all Yak’rs. One of the most important pieces of gear I have when I’m fishing is my PFD. I use a NRS Chinook PFD that is strategically designed for anglers. The best part about this PFD is the multi-usage as it provides floatation safety, but also has all the compartments and clips for additional fishing gear, phone, knives, etc. Space is at a premium on a kayak so the more multi-usage gear you can have the better! 

AQ Outdoors has all the best fishing kayak PFD’s. Check out their PFD Fishing selection page

fishing kayak pfd diagram

Fishing Gear ideas?

If your looking for more kayak gear with a stronger focus on fishing check out these posts! And please reach out on the Contact page if you have any questions. Cheers! Jesse

Kayak Fishing Gear
best kayak fishing gear old town salty 120 pdl

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