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Unfortunately another blank day on the river. This seems to be the norm for green Steelheaders like myself. Some days it clicks, and others it does not. Whether success or failure on the catch ratio, I’m continually analyzing the approach. What I mean by this is I’m continually noting the following for both good and bad days:

  • Water levels
  • Water clarity / coloring
  • Fishing locations
  • Baits/lures

These analytics are always noted, and when I come across similar conditions I then have a great starting point on how/where to fish. When I come across conditions or locations I’m not accustomed too, it’s often another chance to learn for a future trip. And to me, this challenge is why Steelheading is so both frustrating and rewarding.

This trip was in the frustration category as the water levels and clarity were perfect. I felt confident in my approach. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find or get the fish to bite. I didn’t see any other fish caught and I moved all over the mid and lower river.

On a positive/ending note, I took a ton of photos on my iPhone of the river as it had a beautiful color and the runs looked great today. See this posts gallery for these.

Rod / Reel: 10’6 Shimano Convergence

Rod w/ C3 6500 Abu Garcia level-wind reel

Mainline: 15 lb Maxima Chameleon line

Leader: 12 lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Floats: Red 30 gram Cleardrift fishing float

Weights: Pencil lead

Lures/Presentation: 3.5 inch pink worm, with chartreuse tail and 1/8 ounce pink Bent Rods jig head.

Coho Roe bags (pink & white) with a Jensen egg & white wool.

Water Conditions: Water clarity was around 3 feet in the mid river area. Lower river was approx 2-3 feet of visibility. The color of the water was a beautiful green. The Chilliwack River hydrographic was at the 2 meter level.

Water Temperature: Not available

Weather / Lighting: Cloudy all day, in the afternoon the rain moved in.

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