Fishing Trip Summary

It’s been over a month since I’ve been fishing! “Ludicrous” I say! My wife and I are in the middle of home renovation so I haven’t had a spare moment for fishing. That said, we had some family in from Manitoba recently and my second cousin Joe loves to fish, so I figured I’d introduce him to the Fraser River and mighty sturgeon.

My dad, Joe, Richard and I did a 4-hour morning trip through the Great River Fishing Adventures company. Their young guide Landon always provides a great trip for us (this was our 3rd trip with him). We had 4 rods baited with Eulachons and Lampreys.  The head and tail of the lamprey’s ended up being the bait of choice today. We had all bites excluding 1 on the lampreys.

We didn’t catch the river monster as our largest was 4.5 feet long. But we landed 3 fish and had a great morning relaxing on the Fraser River (between Mission bridge & just above the Stave River mouth). It was both Joe and Richard’s first time fishing on the Fraser and catching Sturgeon, so watching them reel in even a 3 foot fish was a lot of fun.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get back out again for Sturgeon a little later in the summer before the big Salmon run. I’m also looking forward to the early Coho coming up in June here, I’m hoping to be posting a lot of trips around that time.

Tackle & Method

Rod / Reel: N/A

Mainline: 150 lb Braid

Lures/Presentation: 8/0 Circle hook for the Lamprey (circle hooks set themselves typically).

8/0 Octopus hook for the  Eulachon (have to set the hook using this type of hook).

Lamprey head/tail was the go-to bait. Also had one hit on Eulachon as there are a schools of thousands coming up the Fraser River right now.

Water Conditions & Weather

Water Conditions: Fraser River, not yet freshet but certainly no more than 8 inches of visibility

Water Temperature: Not available

Weather / Lighting: In the sun it felt like a summer day. It was low to mid teens by 10 am.

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