Fishing Trip Summary

I don’t get out very often these days with a 15 month old, but after my last successful trip I was itching to get out again. The river levels bumped up mid February, and I was looking forward to getting back out once the river came back into shape. Although, my schedule didn’t quite allow for the best timing, but I finally made it out with low and clear conditions.

I put on the mileage all over the upper Chilliwack river. But to no avail, I didn’t get a bite or sniff of anything. In all the typical pools, there was high pressure which reminded me of Salmon season (hence the hiking). I saw one guy loose a fish at his feet, but that was the extent of the day.

Not much more to report on this trip. However, I did learn some new locations in the upper river which I hadn’t really explored thus far. I always try to learn something new on every trip, regardless of whether I catch fish or not.

Tackle & Method

Rod / Reel: 10’6 Shimano Convergence

Rod w/ C3 6500 Abu Garcia level-wind reel

Mainline: 15 lb Maxima Chameleon line

Leader: 12 lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Floats: Red 30 gram Cleardrift fishing float

Weights: Pencil lead

Lures/Presentation: Size 1 Gamakatsu Octopus hook (black), with my home brew procured Chum Roe. And used Procured Prawns cut into small pieces (see photo of the bait in Gallery).

Water Conditions & Weather

Water Conditions: Water clarity was clear in the upper river. The river level was below 2 meters (Vedder bridge hydrometric graph), so was lower than what I’ve been fishing recently.

Water Temperature: Not available

Weather / Lighting: Warm day with mostly sunny skies and few clouds. Would have preferred more clouds this day, but won’t complain about wandering around a river on days like this.

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