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This was my first trip to the Squamish River (located between Vancouver & Whistler) with my father-in-law Dan. He had been successful on this river in previous years, and took me to one of his favorite areas.

I’m not sure there are any rivers/areas as beautiful as the Squamish River. Mountains, wildlife, beautiful river, what more could you ask for? I had an absolute blast learning how to drift fish wool and getting into a few strong fishing Chum Salmon.

Rod & Reel: 10’6 Fenwick Salmon drift rod & 6500 C3 Abu Garcia Bait caster reel.

Mainline & Leader: As I had no idea what I was doing, I think I had 25 lb mainline with 20 lb leader. For this river and species this was overkill, but thankfully the Chum were still very aggressive! And well I had no problem bringing them in!

Lure: Octopus bait hook with Bubble Gum Wool.

Water Conditions: Clear water conditions, visibility was >= 6 ft

Weather: It was a crisp cool winter morning, but we had sunny blue skies with cool air temperatures.

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