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I went out to do some fishing and scouting on the Chilliwack River this past week on December 30th. I use the word “scouting” because I caught nothing and helps me justify the trip. 🙂

The river was very low but the water clarity was very good. The water coloring had that clear to greenish color which is usually really good for Steelhead fishing. I’ve often heard the water clarity called “Steelhead Green”.

Regardless of the water clarity we didn’t have any action, nor see any fish or hear of anyone catching that day. It seems like we need a few more Steelhead in the system, which will come as it’s still very early in the season. Anyway, this trip was focused around checking out the deeper holes and inspecting the runs after this past Fall/Winter rain falls (and “blown out” river conditions).

I took a few short clips of the mid river areas and have posted that video below. As part of the video, I’ve posted a quick highlight of one of the setups I was using (roe sack, wool & Jensen egg). Additionally, we used pink worms and beads.

Floats: 20 gram

Mainline: 15 lb

Leader: 12 lb fluorocarbon

Weights: Pencil lead

Hook: Sizes 1/0 & 1, Gamakatsu Octopus hooks  (see the Gallery images for more info)


  • Roe Bags, with wool & Jensen egg
  • 4 inch pink worms
  • single bead


Water Conditions: “Steelhead Green” water conditions, visibility was 3-4 ft. The river levels were low.

Weather: It was a cool winter day with beautiful blue skies.

Morning Temperature: -5 degrees Celsius


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