Rainbow Trout Fishing at Rice Lake, North Vancouver

It’s the end of March 2017 and we had a very cold winter so Rice Lake in North Vancouver has only turned over (ice cleared) 2 weeks ago. Additionally, it looks like Go Fishing BC hasn’t yet stocked Rice Lake (or haven’t posted it). Typically, Rice Lake is stocked in the second or third week of March each year, but I’m assuming the late ice has pushed back their schedule. That said, I was unsure on how the fishing would be.

This trip was a special one as I had 5 of my nephews joining me and my father-in-law. We wanted to teach the boys how to fish, and get them interested young! We fished for approximately 2.5 hours, and landed 3 fish. We lost a few close to the dock and had a number of bites/stolen bait, but that’s trout fishing!

All in all, the nephews had a lot of fun and that was the most important thing. We’ll definitely be returning to Rice Lake as it’s one of my favorite local city lakes here in the lower mainland. I’ll be posting another Tip page on our setups soon, so keep an eye out for that!

For Rice Lake fish stocking information see: http://www.gofishbc.com/

For Fishing Setup Diagrams, see Tip page: Basic Lake and Pond Fishing Setups


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