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This was certainly a milestone in my fishing career. This was my first time fishing on a river for Salmon. And paired with that was my first 1st fishing trip to the infamous Chilliwack River. If you’ve ever done any fishing in the Fraser Valley area, you’ve likely fished this river with it’s world class fishing opportunities.

The trip was with my father-in-law Dan, and bro-in-law Brian. Dad was showing us the ins and outs. This trip was during the tailend of the 2013 Pink Salmon run. The Pinks were everywhere and it didn’t take long to hook into these fish with a large spinner under a float. Additionally, I caught an colored up Chum salmon which was a surprise catch as they typically don’t arrive this early (usually mid/end October-November).

I used my new (and first) Salmon setup (see photo in Gallery below), which was composed of a 10’6 Fenwick Salmon drift rod and 6500 C3 Abu Garcia bait casting reel.

We drift fished a large copper spinners under a pencil float.

Water Conditions: High water conditions, and by the end of the day the river was blown (like chocolate milk).

Weather: Average temperatures with rain pouring for most of the day.

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