Trip Summary

This past Thanksgiving weekend we ventured out to the Fraser Valley to fish the Chilliwack River! This time of year paired with the recent rainfalls has brought in a number of Coho, Chinook and Chum Salmon into the river. This trip we fished from first light until 11:00 am and got a Coho and Hatchery Jack Chinook. The action started at first light with the Coho biting procured roe. The Jack Chinook came shortly afterwards on roe as well.

I was pleasantly surprised when I cleaned the Chinook to find red meat as most of the Chinooks at this time of year are white meat. You can see pictures of the fillet in the gallery on this journal page.

This was the first hatchery Chinook I’ve caught in the Chilliwack River. These hatchery fish have an info tag in their nose for studying. By returning these fish to the depot they keep statistics on these fish. I froze the head and intend to return to the depot the next time I’m out in the Fraser Valley. However, I’m not 100% certain where the depot is… I’m assuming the Hatchery but need to find out. If you know the location, please comment or email me (see contact page). Thanks so much! Jesse


Photo Gallery

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Fishing Location

Wilson Rd, Mid Chilliwack River

Tackle Used

Shimano Convergence Casting Rod (10’6 ft)

C3 6500 Abu Garcia level-wind Reel

Maxima Ultragreen – Mainline (15 lb)

Seaguar Blue Label – Leader (10 lb)

Gamakatsu Octopus hooks – Size 2

Additional Lures & Baits used

Small pieces of procured Roe (Berry’s Bait & Tackle roe)

Additional Trip Journals

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