Fishing Trip Summary

This was my first year Pink Salmon fishing from the beach. In fact, it was my first year beach fishing in general. This post includes a number of trips based on 2 beach locations: Furry Creek (Howe Sound) & Ambleside (North Vancouver). I had fairly good results for both Pink and Coho Salmon.

Furry Creek is in the heart of the Howe Sound has an incredible backdrop for fishing. I enjoyed this location the most, even with the added drive time. Ambleside was often hectic with such an abundance of anglers paired with poor “anglership”. I don’t think that’s a word, but essentially (will) mean people who don’t know how to respectfully fish around other anglers.

Again, I’d say the season was a success as I got out for 5 trips to the beach and 4 were successful: July 23, 25, August 6 & 9 – 2015.

Additional Note: I did one tidal Fraser River trip later in the season, but to no avail. I didn’t end up getting another chance to try it again. From the reports I was reading, and in talking to other anglers, it seems like this 2015 Pink Salmon season on the Fraser was quite weak.

Tackle & Method

Fishing from the beach a long spinning rod/reel was the ticket. I used a 10 ft Cabelas spinning rod and 2500 Shimano Sahara reel loaded with 30 lb braid, and a 10-12 lb mono leader. I used Pink & Chartreuse Buzz bombs (usually 2.5 inch sizes). The long rod and braid enabled me to launch buzz bombs a mile out there! Although, the 10 ft length was a little overkill in regards to the fight, but I found this length handy when you’re fishing around a lot of guys and need to control the fish.

To see all the lures I used from the beach, see the Gallery photos above.

Water Conditions & Weather

Water Conditions: Ocean conditions, I found low tide in conjunction with first light to be the ideal conditions.

Weather: Mixed weather on all these dates. Most days were sunny and hot, as we had a record low amount of rain this past summer. This had an impact on Salmon staging below low rivers in the Ocean. They couldn’t move up the river so would be stacked at the mouth of the river until the rain brought up the levels.

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