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My wife and I went to Wailea, Maui for 8 days in November of 2016. One of the highlights of the trip was the overnight chartered fishing trip. We left at 11:00 pm and got back at 11:00 am. We were fishing around 50 miles off Lahaina, Maui for Mahi Mahi, Ahi & Wahoo. Unfortunately, we lost 2 big Ahi tuna’s that morning but got into 20 Mahi Mahi and 1 big Wahoo trolling on the way home.

This trip was both amazing and brutal. The fishing was amazing, the sea belly was brutal. This was the first time I’ve been sea sick as I’ve done many of these deep sea charters. It was pretty gnarly out there, hence the lack of video footage on the boat. Anyway, it won’t hold me back from booking another trip the next time I’m out there!


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Fishing Location

Wailea, Maui

Condo where we stayed.

Lahaina, Maui

Where our overnight fishing charter (Die Hard Sport Fishing) left from. Our actual fishing location was approx. 50 miles west of Maui.

Additional Trips

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