Trip Summary

It’s early October and I’ve made my first trip out on the Stave River (outside Mission, BC) looking for Coho & Chum Salmon. The river levels are still very low so it my plan for Coho fishing in the “toilet bowl” area of the river (east side) didn’t play out. Once I noticed the levels were too low we switched to plan B and targeting Chum.

Faithful, aggressive and ugly Chum… I love thee. I got a few big Male Chums and a ton of bait robbing Pike Minnows. The Pike Minnows are noticeably darker and different colors than the Tidal Fraser River. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising as the same is true with all Salmon in Fresh vs. Salt water.

Anyway, it was great to be back out on the Stave River. I’m now hoping for some serious rain as I’ll make my next Fraser Valley trip out to the Vedder River for some Coho and Chinook Salmon. Bring on the Fall Salmon Run!


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Fishing Location

Stave River

Tackle Used

Shimano Convergence Casting Rod (10’6 ft)

C3 6500 Abu Garcia level-wind Reel

PowerPro Braid Moss Color – Mainline (30 lb)

Seaguar Blue Label – Leader (15 lb)

Other Baits / Lures used

Additional Lures & Baits used

Bent Rods “Dog Pounder” jig

See Website.

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