Vedder / Chilliwack River – Fishing Locations

Fishermen’s common names for the various runs, pools and locations on the river.

There are 2 names for this single river, “the Vedder River” and “the Chilliwack River”… 2 names, same river. The Vedder portion of the river is the lower portion of the river; the Canal to the Vedder Crossing Bridge. Everything above the Vedder Crossing Bridge is called the Chilliwack River (often referred to as “mid” and “upper” portions of the river).

This tip is not meant to provide any “secret spots” as there are many prime spots! Especially if you’re willing to put in some leg work and find your own water. This tip is meant to help anglers better understand the river, and know the areas (and given names/nick names) to the locations of the river. Click the red marker for location names, access points and photos (if available).

Note: I collected some of the location names from a map on Fred’s Custom Tackle website. I’ve also added a few of my own as I’ve explored almost the entirety of this river.

Instructions: Click the Red Pin for information on the location. Click the + and buttons to zoom in/out on the map. If Google map doesn’t load up or provides an error try to refresh the page. If it still doesn’t work, please let me know on the Contact page and will get you the info directly (if requested).


The longest stretch of fishing area at the lower portion of the Vedder River. This area stretches from HWY#1 to the first bend in the river (Pilings).


Keith Wilson Bridge

This location is really still a part of the Canal, but it’s such a popular location that I’ve given it’s own marker. You can fish both sides of the Keith Wilson bridge. The best fishing is typically on the East side directly under the bridge. If the water is clear, you can often spot fish from the bridge vantage point.




Parking is available in the Yarrow Community Centre. Walk up the hill and take the Vedder Canal path to destination.

Wilson Rd.

There is limited parking at the end of Wilson Rd. next to the gate. Continue to walk down the road to the river.

BC Electric Bridge


Train Bridge Bar

Bergman Road

Run above the Train Bridge bar that can be fished on both sides of the river.

Browne Road

Vedder River / Yarrow Campground

Campground is on the south side of the river. There is parking before Campground gates. At different times in the season there is an overflow lot east of Campground.

This photo is just upriver from the Campground on the south side.


Lickman Road

A popular fishing location as it has easy drive in accessibility and parking.

Peach Road

One of the most popular fishing locations on the Vedder river because of it’s easy accessibility, parking and great fishing. Both sides of the river offer great fishing.

The photo is just below Peach Rd on the south side of the river.


Above Peach Rd run, which can be fished on both sides of the river.

Camp Run

An overlap with the Grenade Run, next to the Army’s testing area.

The Grenade Run

An overlap with the Camp Run, this run got it’s name from the Army’s testing area.


Vedder Park / Broomsticks

This location is the run immediately below the Crossing bridge (north side of the river). This is also near the government water office location for measuring the river levels. You can view this dynamic water level here.


Vedder Crossing Bridge

There is fishing available on both sides of the bridges (and river) in this location. There is a parking lot on the southeast side of the bridge.


Teskey's Rock

Here you can usually get a view of the river and fishing location. Sometimes there is a deep pool to fish at the base of this rock.


Log Jam

After the 2015 run off the Chilliwack/Vedder above the Crossing Bridge changed dramatically. There are massive log jams and great fishing runs here to fish.


Sleepy Hollow Pool

Sleepy Hollow Rd has been redone in this area. Next to the road there is a big pool that makes for good holding water for fish.

The Gun Barrel

Can be accessed on both sides of the river. Often people park at the On-The-Way cafe parking lot and walk-in.


On-The-Way Run

You can park at the shop On-The-Way and walk into this great run. There are a number of runs/water to fish here. Can be accessed on the south side via Indian land/trails.


Midgley Pool

Pool above the Cafe on Way run. Without a raft or boat it’s best accessed from the north side.

Wilson Rd Run / Midriver (Doctor's Pool)

Often accessed via Wilson Rd. Walk to river and after the right bend there is long run.

In the Fall I filmed my fishing trip for Coho at this location, you can see that YouTube video here.


Twin Cedars

Accessed from Wilson Rd, near where Liumchen creek runs into the Chilliwack River.


Ways Field

A short walk Chilliwack Lake Rd. This location is above the fast run at Wilson Rd.



This a big stretch of water that can be fished on both sides. There are also little islands/bars that are great fishing if you have a raft/boat to access them.

The Islands

When the river is lower, there are many islands/sand bars to fish from in this area. This area can be fished/accessed on both sides of the river.

Osborne Pool

A deep hole at the end of Osborne Rd. It can be fished on both the north and south side of the river. There is more room to fish on the south side of the river.


Farmer's Run

Across the large farmer’s field, there are some great runs on this stretch of water. It can be fished / accessed on both the north and south side. The south access is about a 20-30 minute walk from the Osborne Pool area.



Between Osborne pool and Tamahi Pool (and bridge) there is a long stretch of boulders that can be challenging / effective fishing locations.


Tamahi Pool

Pool below the Tamahi Bridge.


Tamahi Rapids

Located above the Tamahi Bridge. It’s easy to spot as you’ll see Kayak training lines above the water.


Hang Glider

A big boulders packed run below the Chilliwack River RV & Campground. There is parking available just upriver of the campground. Be careful of the slippery boulders when fishing this run.

Sleese Park

Near the Sleese Mobile homes and Chilliwack River RV & Campground. There is a lot of runs/water to explore in this area.


Slide Hole

The slide on the hill is located on the south side of the river, therefore the best place to fish this area is on the north side of the river. There are some great runs to fish above and below the hill slide landmark.


Run below the Allison Pool campground.


Andersons Run

A narrow / deep run next to Allison Pool campsite.


Allison Canyon

Canyon accessible only on the south side of the river.

Fort Apache

Most easily accessed via Chilliwack Lake Rd.


This run is immediately next to the Chilliwack Lake Rd. There is a small section to park on the side of the road and can be fishing in minutes.


Wash Out

After driving past the Willows you’ll go up a small hill, shortly after that there will be a gravel parking lot on the left side of the road. The river is less than a 5 minute walk from this parking location.



There is a parking lot on the north side of the Chilliwack Lake Rd, it’s next to a large field where the old prison was located. There is a gravel road that will provide an easy walk to the river. This old prison gravel road provides access to many locations/runs on the upper portion of the river.


Corrections Camp / Prison Run

There is a parking lot on the north side of the Chilliwack Lake Rd, it’s next to a large field where the old prison was located. There is a gravel road that will provide an easy walk to the river. This old prison gravel road provides access to many locations/runs on the upper portion of the river.

Thurston Meadows

Most easily accessed via Chilliwack Lake Rd.


Most easily accessed via Chilliwack Lake Rd. on the south side of the river.

Borden Creek

A run located below Nursery Creek that is most easily accessed via Chilliwack Lake Rd.

Nursery Creek

A run located below the popular Texas Run, and most easily accessed via Chilliwack Lake Rd.

Ranger Run

A popular fishing location on the upper Chilliwack River. This section of water can be accessed via the Trans Canada Trail (parking off the Chilliwack Lake Rd).


Cement Slab

There is a large parking lot along the north side of Chilliwack Lake Rd. The Cement Slab and Boundary Hole can both be accessed with a short walk from this parking lot.


Boundary Hole

This is fishing boundary on the Chilliwack River, you cannot fish above this location. There is a triangle sign that marks the boundary.


Fishing Trip Journals on the Chilliwack / Vedder River

It’s early Fall and the Salmon are filling our local rivers. This was my first trip to the Vedder river since the Winter Steelhead season, so I was both scouting my favorite runs (after freshet) and trying to hunt down some early Fall Coho. I was out with my dad and father-in-law and we had a beautiful morning paired with a beauty Coho buck, check out the trip details here.

It’s late January 2018 and I finally got out on the Vedder river to kickoff the Winter Steelhead season! I was fishing with my buddy Jason and we had an incredible fishing day. In this fishing trip journal I outline the details of the catches, the water levels, the bait & Shrimp cure recipe I used and some photos! Check it out here.

It’s late September fishing the lower Chilliwack River with some tight lipped Salmon! In this Journal I walk through a few baits I used to change up my presentation and offer something that others weren’t fishing around me… and how it paid off! I’ve also included a short video of my catch and trip. Check it out here.

A dark/rainy early October morning turned into a glorious day of fishing! This fishing trip my father-in-law and good buddy Neil fished the mid river section of the Chilliwack River and got into a Coho & Chinook Salmon. In this Journal I give a brief overview of my float fishing setup, hook sizes and bait I used to catch these Salmon. Additionally, there is a video included on the page that outlines the morning. Check it out here.

3 Steelhead in a few hours on the Chilliwack is an epic fishing day! Heck, if I catch 1 Steelhead in an entire day that’s still an epic day. This morning was a special one for me on the river where everything came together. I fished mostly undesirable fast water and was rewarded! The last hatchery Steelhead was caught in a nice mid river run and I have a video to accommodate the catch. Even though it was short one, this has been my best Steelhead trip up until this point. See the tackle, weather and full trips here.

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