Gulf Islands BC Fishing Locations

The Gulf Islands are located between Vancouver Island and the mainland of BC. These are all found within the Strait of Georgia. These Gulf Islands provide fishing opportunities all year round. Within these islands there are many fishing areas that are given specific names that may or may not link to the geography. For example, “Thrasher Rock” is a popular Salmon area that has no specific rock named Thrasher but is simply a general area just southeast of Gabriola Island. This tip provides some context for these popular fishing names and spots. There are endless places to explore around these islands, this is just a primer.

Please note: these coordinates are down to the minute precision and do not include seconds. How to read GPS coordinates click here.

Active Pass

Off SE corner of Galiano Island, near Ferry route between Galiano & Mayne Island.

Amelia Island

Coordinates: 49°18’00.0″N 124°9’00.0″W

Arbutus Point

Coordinates: 48°49’00.0″N 123°35’00.0″W

Bird Rock

Coordinates: 48°56’00.0″N 123°43’00.0″W

Bold Bluff Point

Near Sansum Narrows just SE of location, closer to Salt Spring Island.


Coordinates: 48°52’00.0″N 123°39’00.0″W

Enterprise Reef

Coordinates: 48°51’00.0″N 123°21’00.0″W

Flat Top Islands

Islands just off SE point of Gabriola island, near Thrasher but closer to Gabriola.

Grave Point

Coordinates: 48°51’00.0″N 123°35’00.0″W

Helen Point

Coordinates: 48°51’00.0″N 123°21’00.0″W

Hospital Point

Coordinates: 48°56’00.0″N 123°43’00.0″W

Hospital Rock

Coordinates: 48°56’00.0″N 123°43’00.0″W

Ladysmith Harbour

Just north off Ladysmith.

Mary Anne Point

Coordinates: 48°52’00.0″N 123°19’00.0″W

Miners Bay

Coordinates: 48°51’00.0″N 123°18’00.0″W

Northumberland Channel

Coordinates: 49°09’00.0″N 123°51’00.0″W

Porlier Pass ("the gap")

Pass between Valdes Island & Galiano Island also known as “the gap”. This is a very popular fishing area in the Gulf Islands.

Sansum Narrows

Narrows between Salt Spring Island & Vancouver Island (park SE of Maple Bay).

Satellite Channel

Coordinates: 48°43’00.0″N 123°26’00.0″W

Sherard Point

Coordinates: 48°52’00.0″N 123°37’00.0″W

Thrasher Rock

Off SE point of Gabriola Island. This is a very popular location for Winter Chinook and yearly resident Salmon.

Thrasher Rock Location and Depths




Village Bay

Coordinates: 48°51’00.0″N 123°19’00.0″W

Yellow Point

Coordinates: 49°02’00.0″N 123°45’00.0″W

Ballenas Channel

Coordinates: 49°20’00.0″N 124°10’00.0″W

Ballenas Islands

Coordinates: 49°21’00.0″N 124°09’00.0″W

Clarke Rock

Coordinates: 49°13’00.0″N 123°56’00.0″W

Cottam Reef

Coordinates: 49°19’00.0″N 124°11’00.0″W

Departure Bay

Coordinates: 49°12’00.0″N 123°58’00.0″W

Dorcas Point / Rock

Coordinates: 49°19’00.0″N 124°11’00.0″W

Douglas Island

Coordinates: 49°19’00.0″N 124°09’00.0″W

Edgell Banks

Coordinates: 49°16’00.0″N 124°03’00.0″W

Entrance Island

Coordinates: 49°13’00.0″N 123°48’00.0″W

Grey Rock

Coordinates: 49°17’00.0″N 124°04’00.0″W

Horswell Bluff

Coordinates: 49°13’00.0″N 123°56’00.0″W

Hudson Rocks

Coordinates: 49°13’00.0″N 123°55’00.0″W

Nanaimo Harbour

Coordinates: 49°10’00.0″N 123°54’00.0″W

Neck Point

Coordinates: 49°14’00.0″N 123°58’00.0″W

Newcastle Island

Coordinates: 49°11’00.0″N 123°56’00.0″W

Orlebar Point

Coordinates: 49°12’00.0″N 123°49’00.0″W

Pilot Bay

Coordinates: 49°12’00.0″N 123°51’00.0″W

Rainbow Channel

Coordinates: 49°14’00.0″N 123°53’00.0″W

Rudder Rock

Coordinates: 49°17’00.0″N 124°04’00.0″W

Snake Island

Coordinates: 49°13’00.0″N 123°53’00.0″W

Whalebone Point

Coordinates: 49°56’00.0″N 124°48’00.0″W

Winchelsea Islands

Coordinates: 49°18’00.0″N 124°05’00.0″W

Yeo Islands

Coordinates: 49°18’00.0″N 124°08’00.0″W

"The Hump"

“The Hump” is a very popular Salmon fishing location approximately 1-3 miles off the southern tip of Bowen Island. “The hump” refers to a large underwater plateau (running NW to SE). The hump drops off from 480 ft to 700 ft deep (see marine map).

The best time to fish this area for Salmon is mid April to early June. There is a mix of fish heading into Canadian and US river systems. 

Bell Buoy (or T10 marker)

A popular location to intercept migrating Salmon. Popular fishing timing would be between August to September.

Coordinates: 49°17’21.3″N 123°15’56.8″W

Hole in the Wall

This is a section of water that stretches just outside of Horseshoe Bay to Sunset Marina area.

Map Instructions

Click the red marker on the map for more information on the fishing location. To zoom in or out, click the + or – buttons in the top left of the map. You can also make the Map a full screen view by clicking the broken square button in the top right.

Map fishing location instructions

Resident Feeder Chinooks and Run Times

These are immature Chinook (King) salmon usually around 2-3 years old. They’re usually start showing up to the Gulf Islands in the Winter around December and remain in the area until March and April. They are in the area during this time because of the abundance of herring and small bait fish. These fish aren’t giants yet and are typically in the 5 lbs to 20 lbs range. That said, these fish are great fighters and super aggressive as they’re fattening up to be full adults (spawners) next year.

Migratory Chinooks and Run Times

These are adult Chinook (King) Salmon usually 4+ years old that are making their way back to their birthplaces to spawn. These fish usually start showing up in the Gulf Islands in February and can continue to be found in the area until mid/late October. The overlap (March & April) of the feeder Chinook and migratory Chinook run times can make for some fantastic fishing! However, the majority of the migratory Chinooks show up around late June and early July.

These are the migratory Chinook can range from 10 lbs to 30 lbs (some exceeding 30 lbs). Most of these fish are heading into large rivers within British Columbia, Washington & Oregon (Fraser River, Columbia River, etc.) and then moving into their respective tributaries.

Chinook Salmon in Gulf Islands
Jesse with a Chinook Salmon

Coho, Pink & Chum Salmon Run Times

There are a number of other Salmon species migrating through the Gulf Islands, here are some of these species and run times.

Coho Salmon begin to show up in August and can continue to be found until December. However, the majority of the Coho will be found between late September to late October.

Pink Salmon show up in early August (most abundant during odd years), these fish come close to shore so can be targeted inshore and off the beach.

Chum Salmon will begin to show up in September but aren’t as popular to target as anglers are often targeting Chinook and Coho at this time.


Gulf Islands Areas

Here is additional areas to explore and fish within the Gulf Islands. For space sake these are not all included on the map above. I’ve included a “Open Map” link which will open the location in Google Maps.

Location Coordinates Google Map URL
Active Pass 48°53’00.0″N 123°18’00.0″W Open Map
Active Point 48°57’00.0″N 123°40’00.0″W Open Map
Alarm Rock 48°57’00.0″N 123°41’00.0″W Open Map
Arbutus Point 48°49’00.0″N 123°35’00.0″W Open Map
Augustus Point 48°57’00.0″N 123°39’00.0″W Open Map
Bare Point 48°56’00.0″N 123°42’00.0″W Open Map
Ben Mohr Rock 48°51’00.0″N 123°23’00.0″W Open Map
Bird Rock 48°56’00.0″N 123°43’00.0″W Open Map
Boatswain Bank 48°42’00.0″N 123°33’00.0″W Open Map
Bold Bluff Point 48°47’00.0″N 123°33’00.0″W Open Map
Boulder Point 48°23’00.0″N 123°58’00.0″W Open Map
Brant Reef 49°10’00.0″N 124°40’00.0″W Open Map
Burgoyne Bay 48°48’00.0″N 123°32’00.0″W Open Map
Burial Islet 48°46’00.0″N 123°34’00.0″W Open Map
Captain Passage 48°49’00.0″N 123°24’00.0″W Open Map
Chemainus 48°55’00.0″N 123°43’00.0″W Open Map
Cherry Point 48°43’00.0″N 123°33’00.0″W Open Map
Coffin Point 48°59’00.0″N 123°45’00.0″W Open Map
Collinson Point 48°52’00.0″N 123°21’00.0″W Open Map
Crofton 48°52’00.0″N 123°39’00.0″W Open Map
Danger Reefs 49°03’00.0″N 123°43’00.0″W Open Map
David Cove 48°51’00.0″N 123°16’00.0″W Open Map
Davis Lagoon 48°57’00.0″N 123°41’00.0″W Open Map
Dayman Island 48°58’00.0″N 123°41’00.0″W Open Map
Deer Point 49°02’00.0″N 123°46’00.0″W Open Map


Dodd Narrows 49°08’00.0″N 123°49’00.0″W Open Map
Donckele Point 48°58’00.0″N 123°40’00.0″W Open Map
Duncan 48°47’00.0″N 123°42’00.0″W Open Map
Dunsmuir Islands 48°59’00.0″N 123°47’00.0″W Open Map
East Point 48°47’00.0″N 123°03’00.0″W Open Map
Enterprise Reef 48°51’00.0″N 123°21’00.0″W Open Map
Flat Top Islands 49°09’00.0″N 123°41’00.0″W Open Map
Fraser Point 49°01’00.0″N 123°42’00.0″W Open Map
Fulford Harbour 48°46’00.0″N 123°26’00.0″W Open Map
Gabriola Island 49°10’00.0″N 123°48’00.0″W Open Map
Gabriola Passage 49°08’00.0″N 123°43’00.0″W Open Map
Ganges 48°51’00.0″N 123°30’00.0″W Open Map
Genoa Bay 48°46’00.0″N 123°36’00.0″W Open Map
Georgina Point 48°52’00.0″N 123°17’00.0″W Open Map
Georgina Shoals 48°52’00.0″N 123°17’00.0″W Open Map
Gossip Island 48°53’00.0″N 123°19’00.0″W Open Map
Gossip Shoals 48°53’00.0″N 123°18’00.0″W Open Map
Grave Point 48°51’00.0″N 123°35’00.0″W Open Map
Helen Point 48°51’00.0″N 123°21’00.0″W Open Map
Holland Bank 48°59’00.0″N 123°48’00.0″W Open Map
Hospital Point 48°56’00.0″N 123°43’00.0″W Open Map
Hospital Rock 48°56’00.0″N 123°43’00.0″W Open Map
Houstoun Passage 48°56’00.0″N 123°36’00.0″W Open Map
Hudson Island 48°58’00.0″N 123°41’00.0″W Open Map
Josling Point 48°56’00.0″N 123°38’00.0″W Open Map

Location Coordinates Google Map URL
Kulleet Bay 49°01’00.0″N 123°46’00.0″W Open Map
Kuper Island 48°58’00.0″N 123°39’00.0″W Open Map
“Ladder Hole” 48°52’00.0″N 123°17’00.0″W Open Map
Ladysmith 48°59’00.0″N 123°49’00.0″W Open Map
Ladysmith Harbour 48°59’43.4″N 123°48’07.2″W Open Map
Lion Islet 48°54’00.0″N 123°20’00.0″W Open Map
Maple Bay 48°49’00.0″N 123°36’00.0″W Open Map
Mary Anne Point 48°52’00.0″N 123°19’00.0″W Open Map
Maxwell Point 48°49’00.0″N 123°34’00.0″W Open Map
Miami Islet 49°02’00.0″N 123°42’00.0″W Open Map
Mill Bay 48°39’00.0″N 123°33’00.0″W Open Map
Miners Bay 48°51’00.0″N 123°18’00.0″W Open Map
Monarch Head 48°46’00.0″N 123°06’00.0″W Open Map
Montague Harbour 48°53’00.0″N 123°24’00.0″W Open Map
Nanaimo 49°10’00.0″N 123°56’00.0″W Open Map
Nares Rock 49°59’00.0″N 123°45’00.0″W Open Map
Narvaez Bay 48°46’00.0″N 123°06’00.0″W Open Map
North Reef 48°55’00.0″N 123°38’00.0″W Open Map
Northumberland Channel 49°09’00.0″N 123°51’00.0″W Open Map
Nose Point 48°51’00.0″N 123°25’00.0″W Open Map
Octopus Point 48°48’00.0″N 123°34’00.0″W Open Map
Osborn Bay 48°52’00.0″N 123°38’00.0″W Open Map
Paddy Mile Stone 48°49’00.0″N 123°25’00.0″W Open Map
Pilkey Point 49°01’00.0″N 123°41’00.0″W Open Map
Porlier Pass 49°01’00.0″N 123°35’00.0″W Open Map
Porlier Pass / Race Point 49°01’00.0″N 123°35’00.0″W Open Map
Ragged Islets 49°23’00.0″N 123°27’00.0″W Open Map
Rosenfeld Rock 48°48’00.0″N 123°02’00.0″W Open Map
Round Island 49°07’00.0″N 123°48’00.0″W Open Map
Saltspring Island 48°45’00.0″N 123°29’00.0″W Open Map
Sandstone Rocks 48°55’00.0″N 123°37’00.0″W Open Map
Sansum Narrows 48°48’00.0″N 123°34’00.0″W Open Map
Satellite Channel 48°43’00.0″N 123°26’00.0″W Open Map
Saturna Island 48°47’00.0″N 123°09’00.0″W Open Map
Scott Island 48°58’00.0″N 123°42’00.0″W Open Map
Separation Point 48°44’00.0″N 123°34’00.0″W Open Map
Sharpe Point 49°21’00.0″N 123°16’00.0″W Open Map
Sherard Point 48°52’00.0″N 123°37’00.0″W Open Map
Sidney 48°39’00.0″N 123°24’00.0″W Open Map
Stuart Channel 49°00’00.0″N 123°42’00.0″W Open Map
Telegraph Harbour 48°58’00.0″N 123°40’00.0″W Open Map
Tent Island 48°56’00.0″N 123°38’00.0″W Open Map
Thetis Island 49°00’00.0″N 123°41’00.0″W Open Map
Thrasher Rock 49°09’00.0″N 123°39’00.0″W Open Map
Trincomali Channel 48°58’00.0″N 123°35’00.0″W Open Map
Tumbo Reef 48°48’00.0″N 123°03’00.0″W Open Map
Valdes Island 49°05’00.0″N 123°40’00.0″W Open Map
Vesuvius Bay 48°53’00.0″N 123°34’00.0″W Open Map
Village Bay 48°51’00.0″N 123°19’00.0″W Open Map
Whaler Bay 48°53’00.0″N 123°20’00.0″W Open Map
Yellow Point 49°02’00.0″N 123°45’00.0″W Open Map

More Information on the Southern Gulf Islands

If you’re looking for further information on the Southern Gulf Islands (e.g. places to explore, things to do, maps, island events, ferries, etc) I’d recommend the Experience the Southern Gulf Islands. This page provides a wealth of tourist information on Galiano, Mayne, Pender, Salt Spring, and Saturna Islands.

Other Vancouver Island Fishing Opportunities and Areas

If you want more information on Vancouver Island fishing check out our other tip pages see images/links below. We’ve got Vancouver Island bank fishing locations to cast from shore as well as Vancouver Island Bass Fishing lakes. 

Thanks for checking out BC Fishing Journal. Cheers! Jesse

Vancouver Island Bank Fishing Spots
Best Vancouver Island Bass Lakes

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