My first time to Hawaii was in April 2015 and we had an incredible family holiday. As part of that family vacation, we booked a charter with Die Hard Sports Fishing. The charter did not disappoint and I’d certainly recommend this company to anyone looking to do some fishing in Maui.

The fishing trip started at 11:00 pm! Strange, as every other fishing trip I’ve ever been on started in the morning. Anyway, we got there at 11:00 and caught our own bait around midnight with no light but a sky full of stars and bright moon. It was a sight! The bait was caught via jig setups with these little Japanese rigs (can’t recall the name).

From there we did another 2 hours ride out into the Ocean. At first light we were slaying Yellow Fin Tuna like there no tomorrow! One after another the action was fierce. Shortly after the Tuna, we got into a Mahi Mahi and large Wahoo. Finally on the troll home the captain & first mate cut up some fresh Tuna Sashimi and put out the soya sauce & wasabi. It was easily the freshest and best tasting tuna I’ve ever eaten!

All fish were caught via trolling fairly shallow live bait fish. We caught these bait fish just hours earlier (I can’t recall the name of the bait fish).

It’s Maui! The weather was epic. 🙂

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