Fishing Trip Summary

Well it was another bust in the Steelhead department… but that is Steelheadin’, and it only fuels me for my next trip!

It’s a mid January trip, the temperatures are much warmer than the last time I was on the river. I fished primarily the mid section of the Chilliwack River. I got a few bites on the pink worm, but nothing took. I didn’t see or hear of any fish caught around the mid river area.

At the end of the day, I drove down near the Keith Wilson bridge (lower river section) and just happened to see a guy land a good sized Steelhead. I’d guess the fish to be between 13-15 lbs. I didn’t see what he caught the fish on, but many of the guys were using a bar fishing method around this area (as the water was slow moving). I’ve included a photo of this lower portion of the river in this post Gallery below.

Fishing Trip Photos

Tackle & Method

Rod / Reel: 10’6 Shimano Convergence Rod w/ C3 6500 Abu Garcia level-wind reel

Mainline: 15 lb Maxima Chameleon line

Leader: 12 lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Floats: Red 30 gram Cleardrift fishing float

Weights: Pencil lead


1/8 oz pink jig head with 6″ pink worm (cut down to approx. 4.5″)

Coho Roe Sacks (5-10 egg sacks)

Red/Black 1/8 oz Jig

Water Conditions & Weather

Water Conditions: Water Clarity was perfect for Steelhead fishing. Visibility was probably around 2-3 feet, the water had a beautiful green color (which is exactly what you want!). However, the river level was very low so was fishing many types of water.

Water Temperature: Not available

Weather / Lighting: 6-9 degrees Celsius, overcast morning with no rain.

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