Site Name Updated August 2016

Site was initially launched as, but was relaunched as in August 2016.

I’m really excited to have another fishing related outlet and share it online. As mentioned on the home page, I haven’t been river fishing long, but have documented most of my trips which has helped me in the learning process. From those short notes, I’ve started this site with an intention to blog the trips (InstaTrips), add an educational element (InstaTips pages), add media like Videos & Photos, and finally a Journals page to blog about pretty much everything above and under the sun.

This is the 1st Journal for InstaFishing’s kickoff and its timing is parallel with the beginning of the Pacific Northwest’s Winter Steelhead season (British Columbia’s Fraser Valley area). That said, for the next few months I’m planning to have a strong focus on Steelhead content during this exciting and challenging fishing season!

I’m hoping the content on the site will get you excited about fishing and will somehow provide information to help strengthen this sport abroad.

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