Rice Lake is small but beautiful lake in North Vancouver, next to the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Catching these stocked Rainbows is a lot fun and if you follow the stocking reports on GoFishBC.com it’ll make your trip that much more successful. This isn’t the great photo, but here’s one little guy I kept for a BBQ lunch that same day.


Rod & Reel: Ultralight spinning rod, with a 1500 series reel spooled with 6lb mainline.

Bait: I used a slip float and live earth worms. The old classic!

On warmer days when fish are closer to the bottom, I’d recommend using powerbait, and ensuring your using some weight to get it to the bottom (no bobber).

Water Conditions: Clear water in this lake. Visibility is incredible!

Weather: Overcast day which helped the bobber style of fishing. I can’t recall the air temperature, but it was cooler for a summer day.

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