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This was a Coho fishing trip on the Chilliwack River. I started in the upper portion of the river and found a beautiful run that I had all to myself, unfortunately, didn’t have any success here. It was full of Chum and Chinook that were spawned out.

From there I moved down river (mid river area), and caught a beautiful little Jack Coho. When I first caught the fish, I misidentified it as a Juvenile Steelhead, so let it go. After I looked at my video footage afterwards, it dawned on my this probably wasn’t a Coho. Thankfully, my friend Jason quickly confirmed my suspicion. Anyway, was a good day to hike and get around the river.


Drift fishing some homemade cured Chum roe.

See the video and photos below for more information.

Water Conditions: Water clarity was around 4-5 feet.

Weather: It was a nice Fall day with mixed cloud but no rain.

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