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I booked a half-day Sturgeon charter with Great River Fishing Adventures. A young guy named Landon was our guide and he did a great job on putting us on the fish. As it was only a 4 hour trip but we caught 2 Sturgeon (1 baby and 1 adult). The adult we fought for 30 minutes and it ended up measuring 6’4.

The Sturgeon rods were loaded with 150 lb braid, and used Dacron for leader. We used a 8/0 circle hook loaded with lampreys and pike minnow. The season was still a little early from using Salmon roe. Sturgeon baits are really dependent upon what’s drifting down the river at that time of year.

Water Conditions: N/A. We were fishing off the bottom of the Fraser River, so visibility doesn’t matter much for Sturgeon. It’s more about the bait scent trails.

Weather: Hot summer day! I don’t recall our exact temperature but remember applying sun block.

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