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This was a great trip with close friends David & Neal. We were out Chum Salmon fishing on the Squamish River (between Vancouver & Whistler) and the trip did not disappoint. The Squamish River and area in November is a thing of beauty, with the moutains already showing a few white caps, and a few Fall colors are still to be seen. The day had cool air conditions but with blue sunny sky. We got into a half a dozen fresh Chum which must have come out of the ocean just hours before as they were Chromers!

We drift fished a single bait hook with wool (red, pink and purple). A very simple setup!

The day was a success with the only draw back being that I broke my Fenwick Salmon rod, thankfully it was toward the end of the day so I could take a few more photos of my good buddies! Photo of broken rod in the Gallery below.

Water Conditions: Clear and Low water conditions.

Weather: Cool air conditions, but the sun was shinning in a blue sky. Air temperatures must have been around 3-6 degrees Celsius.

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