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A bachelor party combo’d with Fishing, is there anything better? Over the weekend we hit the Salt with a dozen guys and fished for early Springs and Crabs. We went with a company called Ocean Adventure Center. These guys are dialed in on these types of groups/large parties and would highly recommend them and use again. Captain Preston Steel and his first mate made for a great atmosphere on the boat. Our chariot was the 43′ long “Seastar”, that had a warm cabin and massive upper deck to host the 12 of us. The warm cabin came in handy as we hit some pretty gnarly rainy conditions.

We fishing a location called “hole in the wall”, which is just north of Vancouver. Essentially, we started just outside Horseshoe Bay and worked our way up the Sea to Sky highway coast to Bowyer Island. This location is a good place to fish when trying to avoid some of the gnarly wind/weather.

The fishing was slow as we landed 2 Chinooks, 1 Pacific Cod over our 5 hour trip. Thankfully, the bachelor (Neal in the tiara) got the largest fish of the day which definitely got the boys fired up! Although the fishing was tough going, the crabbing was the exact opposite! In four traps we counted over 60 crabs, and had 30 keepers! I couldn’t believe how many large males we picked up.

With our massive seafood bounty, we cancelled our dinner plans and went back to the Selkirk house for Salmon and a crab feast. I definitely need to get back out on the Salt again for these Spring Chinooks, wow… amazing table fare. And we all had as much crab as we could eat and there was still leftovers. I ate so much crab that night that the thought of eating crab the next few days made me nauseous (that’s passed now).

Anyway, what a memorable day celebrating with Neal and all the boys. Fishing and quality time with the boys, it’s tough to beat. And a big congrats Neal for surviving the day. He took the slaps, costumes and typical bachelor party shenanigans quite well. Looking forward to the bigger celebration this summer.

I didn’t get the tackle details on this charter, but all the setups were certainly high end rods/reels. Typical for these ocean charters, we had 4 lines out trolling at various depths the entire time (40-80 feet deep that day). 3 setups had herring and 1 a spoon next to green/white flashers. The herring had all the action this day.

Weather & Water Conditions: Extremely rainy conditions on the Pacific Ocean. On the mainland we had approx 30 mm of rain fall that day. Despite the rain the wind was minimal, so made for a comfortable trip.

Water Temperature: Not available


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