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This trip (and catch) is certainly a milestone in my fishing world. This short morning trip, I caught my very first Steelhead, and it was on the Capilano River of all places. I was out fishing for Coho, and was lucky to tie into this beautiful buck.

If I had to look back at where the transition of enjoying fishing to it being an obsession, I’d say it started here with this fish. There is no other fish (that I’ve experienced) that is more exciting to catch than a Steelhead. In other words, if I had to get a fish tattoo it would be a Silver Steelhead. Enough said, I think you get the picture.

Rod & Reel: 10’6 Fenwick Salmon rod & C3 Abu Garcia.

Float & Lure: Under a 20 gram pencil float I drift fished a Green hologram Colorado Blade.

I spotted the Steelhead at the end of the tail-out, and drifted a Colorado blade right in front of his face, he didn’t hesitate and attacked it. The best part was I was able to see the entire thing. One of craziest adrenaline rushes to date.

Water Conditions: Clear water conditions, visibility was >= 6 ft

Weather: N/A

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